2012 - 2018 Children's books Illustration

Mónica Weiss Workshop, Buenos Aires.

2005 - 2011 Fashion Design

FADU, Buenos Aires University

2004 - 2007 History of Art

Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, Bs As.

1998 - 2004 Charicatures & Comics

Escuela de Dibujo Luis Ordoñez, Bs As.

Work Experience

2012- now: Freelance Artist

2016- now: Writer. Writing essays about History of Arts

for "samizdat Online" Art magazine.

2010- now: Kids & Adults Art Classes in

-  Xochicuicatl. ev. Prenzlauer Berg. Berlin

- Urban Art Kids, Charlottenburg. Berlin

- Private studio in Friedrichshain. Berlin


Artist & Illustrator

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Now living in Berlin.


Since I can remember I was always studying arts. When I was five I started attending different courses, learning techniques like acrylic, pencil and watercolors. I studied Comics & Caricatures for almost six years, History of Arts, Fashion Design at Buenos Aires University and my latest passion, Children’s books Illustration with  Monica Weiss where I discovered so many  amazing illustrators and fell in love with the Picture Book world.  In 2015  I   finished my first book 'Oso', in 2019 I finished 'Bernard the brave' and I am currently working on my thrid book. 

At the moment I am working in different illustration projects, teaching several art workshops to both kids and adults and writing Art essays and reviews for  Samizdat Online art magazine.

Exhibitions & Festivals



- 'Mujeres Ilustradas en pequeño formato'

Group exhibition. Xochicuactl. Berlin


- "Recuerdos de Infancia" Solo exhibition. Berlin

- "Art und Weise" Group exhibition. Berlin


- "XXS Art Market" Group exhibiton. Berlin Blue Art Space, Berlin

- "Winterkunstkabinett Vol. 3" Group exhibition, Nomad Art Gallery, Berlin.

- 'Der Traum unter Wasser' Solo exhibition, 20 watercolor paintings. Villa Folke Bernadotte, Berlin.

- "Suspended- We are Fair!" Watercolor illustration selected,  Madrid.



- "Redifining Home" Group Exhibition. Cualquier Verdura, Buenos Aires.

- 'Design Night Berlin' Commissioned Illustration for Fjord 'Living Services' Berlin.



- "Belleza Natural" Collective Illustration Exhibition. National Museum of Natural Science. La Plata. Buenos Aires.

- "ExpoRock"  El Emergente. Buenos Aires.


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